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  • What are the common types of relays?

    Relay is an automatic control device whose output will change by leaps when the input (electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat) reaches...
  • What is a magnetic latching relay?

    Magnetic latching relay is a new type of relay developed in recent years. It is also an automatic switch.
  • What are the common faults of relays?

    During the use of the relay, due to various reasons, such as poor product quality, improper use, poor maintenance, etc., various failures often occur.
  • What are the precautions when using relays?

    In order to use the relay correctly, while selecting the relay and understanding its characteristics, it is also necessary to understand some...
  • How to use relay reasonably?

    In addition to comprehensive parameter testing and effective screening of the relay, the reasonable use of the relay is also an effective method to...
  • How to choose a relay?

    In order to select the relay correctly, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the relay and confirm whether these characteristics...
  • What is the difference between relay and contactor?

    Both relays and contactors are electromagnetic switching devices, relays are switching devices that work in the control loop, and contactors are...
  • What is the principle and function of the relay?

    A relay is an electronic control device, which has a control system and a controlled system , and is usually used in automatic control circuits.
  • What is the working principle of AC contactor?

    The AC contactor is an electromagnetic AC contactor with a NO main contact, three poles, and air as the arc extinguishing medium.
  • What is a contactor?

    In the field of power distribution, contactors can be said to be one of the most common and widely used devices.
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