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What do the different colors of the indicator light mean?

From: Quisure2020-08-19

Indicator Lamp or Indicator Light is a widely used in the ship, machine tools, machine equipment, switch cabinet, power distribution cabinet. Indicator lamp, also name pilot lamp, who to indicate whether power is on or a equipement device is for showing the operating condition of some system.

What do the different colors of the indicator light mean?

The light information function of the indicator light

1. Attract the operator's attention, or instruct the operator to perform a certain operation;

2. To reflect that a certain instruction, certain state, certain condition, or certain type of evolution is being executed or has been executed;

The color of the indicator light and its meaning

Color MeaningExplanation Typical application
RedAbnormal situation or alarmAlarm for possible danger and need to deal with immediatelyThe temperature exceeds the specified (or safety) limit, and the important part of the equipment has been cut off by the protective appliance
YellowCaveatState changes or variables approaching limit valuesThe temperature deviates from the normal value and the overload is allowed for a certain time
GreenPreparation and safetySafe operating condition indication or machinery is ready to startCooling system operation
BlueSpecial instructionsAny function not included in red, yellow, and greenThe selector switch is in the specified position
WhiteGeneral signalAny function not included in red, yellow, and green, such as a certain action is normal

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How to remove the indicator light

There is a threaded button behind the indicator light, and a gasket is screwed on the threaded button.If the indicator light needs to be disassembled, it is usually necessary to cut off the power and then check the electricity. After ensuring that the power is off, press the lamp cover with one hand and turn the gasket on the screw with the other hand to remove it. If one person cannot complete it, two people can cooperate to complete it. Finally,  safety first, to prevent electric shock.

How to solve the poor brightness of the power distribution cabinet indicator

1.The line is not fully connected

The power cord connected to the indicator light is not connected properly, resulting in unstable voltage and causing the indicator light to not be bright. The solution is: use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage of the indicator light is normal. If it is not normal, check whether the line has poor contact and whether there is grounding.

2. Insufficient voltage

The main reason is that the power supply voltage is insufficient, or the voltage level of the indicator light is selected incorrectly, and the brightness of the indicator light cannot be supported. The solution is: replace the indicator light that meets the voltage level, and check whether the indicator light has a Leakage phenomenon.

3. Induced voltage

The phenomenon of induced voltage is very common in the power distribution cabinet. The longer the cable, the larger the capacitance, and the distributed capacitance is everywhere, which is generally difficult to handle.

4. Indicator quality problem

Some indicator lights use resistors to step down, and it is easy to cause problems in power distribution cabinets with dense induced voltages. Therefore, it is recommended to use good quality indicator lights in high-voltage cabinets or important low-voltage power distribution cabinets.

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