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What does Nader do?

Nader was a leading electrical brand in China with January 7th, 1999, Shanghai, China. Who take the high-end low-voltage electrical system solutions experts as the brand positioning, take solving the pressure and challenges of customers as the responsibility, and create value for customers. It was listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange market with a market value of 1,000,000,000 USD, and annual compound growth rate of 30%. For the first half of 2019, total revenue is USD 136,000,000.

nader shanghai factory

What is Nader's corporate culture?

Mission:Committed to providing more convenient, efficient, safer use of electricity

Vision:Leading the electrical apparatus high-end market

Strategy:Focusing on electrical segment application fields, agglomeration on selected targets

Culture:Realistic, Care, Responsibility, Enterprising

Is Nader a public or private company?

Nader stock has been publicly listed since January 1st, 2014. It is officially traded on China stock exchanges and is one of the most important stocks listed on the Shenzhen component index.

How about does Nader technology?

Nader is a company by technology R&D oriented dedicates to provide product with safe, reliable, energy saving, environment friendly. At present, there are more than 500 R&D engineers service for Nader, and the continuous investment in R&D was not less than 8% of the annual sales every year. So we has applied for more than 630 patents and participated in the draw up or revision more than 30 industry standards.

nader testing center

Nader's R&D center is a "National Enterprise Technology Center" of breakers, and the Test Center is also an International Test Center, who has earned strategy cooperation of the CQC, CNAS and US UL organization. Therefore, Nader's products have been certified by authoritative organizations, including CCC, CE, UL, TUV, RoHS, etc.

How about does Nader manufacture?

Nader takes quality as the basis, regards product quality as dignity, and product quality must match the high-end positioning of the brand. We should carry out all round quality management, build a quality management platform of the whole value chain, continuously optimize the quality management system, set a quality red line and pursue zero defects. We always adheres to the principle of "quality first", adheres to management informatization, production automation, continuously improves product process quality and production management level. We follow the concept of not accepting non-conforming products, not make nonconforming products, not sell nonconforming products, to provide customers with high-quality products.

nader circuit breakers manufacture

In 2018, we introduced advanced manufacturing software and hardware equipment from Europe, through ERP, MES and WMS can controlled the production process, guaranteed the production with three-dimensional real-time monitoring system, and formed a digital closed-loop of virtual factory with virtual digital twins to optimize the production scheduling measures without risk and put into lean production effect.

nader factory-04

Nader's production base is located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China, who is the largest miniature circuit breakers manufacturer and supplier at high-end market in China. It's products not only cover our own needs, but also provide OEM services for world-famous electrical appliances manufacturer in Germany, Italy and the United States. And Nader's the second production base in Haiyan, with an investment of CNY1600 million, has started construction on September 21, 2019. Nader will further strengthen the leading position in the field of high-end circuit breakers after the commissioning of the new manufacture base.

nader factory

What products does Nader make?

Nader focus on manufacturing of the high-end low-voltage and who has a very comprehensive products range, especial the circuit breakers.

Miniature Circuit Breakers ac

The products series and characteristics of Miniature Circuit Breakers ac are compared in the following table,

Product SeriesNDM1-63NDM1T-63NDM1-125NDB1-32NDB1-63
Picturescircuit breaker nadercircuit breaker nadercircuit breaker nadercirciut breaker nadercircuit breaker nader
Rated Current1~63A1~63A50~125A6~32A1~63A
Breaking Capacity4.5, 6.0kA6.0kA10kA4.5kA6.0kA
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Product SeriesNDB1-125NDB2-63NDB2T-63NDB2T-63 UL489NDB6-125
Picturesnader circuit breaker ndb1-125nader circuit breaker ndb2-63nader circuit breaker ndb2t-63nader circuit breaker ndb2t-63 ul489circuit breaker ndb6-125 nader
Rated Current50~125A1~63A1~63A1~63A63~125A
Breaking Capacity10kA10kA10kA10kA15kA
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Miniature Circuit Breakers dc

The products series and characteristics of Miniature Circuit Breakers dc are compared in the following table,

Product SeriesNDB2ZB-40NDB2Z-63NDB6Z-125
Picturescircuit breaker dc nader ndb2zb-40circuit breaker nader ndb2z-63circuit breaker dc nader ndb6z-125
Rated Current10~40A1~63A63~125A
Breaking Capacity10kA, 20kA10kA6.0kA, 15kA
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Residual Current Miniature Circuit Breakers

The product series and characteristics of Miniature Circuit Breakers dc are compared in the following table,

Product SeriesNDB1L-32NDB1LE-40NDB2LE-40NDB6LM-40
PicturesResidual Current Circuit Breaker, RCBORCCB, RCBOResidual Current Circuit Breaker, RCBORCCB, RCBO
Rated Current6~32A2~40A2~40A6~40A
Breaking Capacity4.5kA6.0kA6.0kA10kA
Residual current10mA, 30mA30mA, 100mA, 300mA30mA, 100mA, 300mA30mA, 100mA, 300mA
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Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

This includes NDM2 series, NDM3 series and NDM5 series.

Residual Current Miniature Circuit Breakers

This includes NDM2L series and NDM3L series.

Air Circuit Breakers

This includes NDW1A series, NDW2 series and NDW3series.

Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment

This includes NDQ1 series, NDQ2A series, NDQ3 series, NDQ3H series and NDQ5W series.

In addition to the above products, Nader also makes indoor power distribution box, surge protection devices, Isolating switch, contactors, relays and other industrial control products.

Nader brand products are widely recognized by the market and users. Such as Nader have formed lasting stable partnerships with Emerson, Huawei, Sungrow, Mitsubishi, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Vanke, Samsung, Hyundai and Greenland in new energy, industrial control, energy, infrastructure and building power distribution industries.

What is Nader's best selling product?

Nader's star products that are the best-selling products are Nader miniature circuit breakers, but there are different star series in different industries. 

In the field of 5G communication, NDM1-63 series, NDM1-125 series and NDB6AZ-63H are the star.

In the field of solar energy, NDM1-125 series, NDB2Z-63 series and NDB6Z-125 series are popular.

In the field of buildings power distribution and electrical switchgear, NDB1-32 series, NDB1-63 series and NDB2-63 series are popular.

In the field of mechanical equipment and industrial automation, NDM1-125 series, NDB1-125 series, NDM1T-63 series, NDB2T-63 series, NDB2T-63 UL489, NDB6-125 series are the star.

What does Nader's NDM1 series do?

NDM1 is Nader's the most classic miniature circuit breakers product, including two series of NDM1-63 and NDM1-125, which are widely used in industrial automation, automatic production line, 5g communication, auto charging pile and station, photovoltaic and other new energy sources field.

nader ndm1-125 series circiut breaker

Why does select Nader's circuit breakers, especial miniature circuit breakers?

1. Nader is the largest professional manufacturer and supplier of miniature circuit breakers at high-end market in China.

2. Nader takes quality as the basis, regards product quality as dignity, and follows the concept of no accepting non-conforming products, not makes nonconforming products, not sells nonconforming products, to provide customers with high-quality products.

3. Nader adopts the lean production method while enjoying the dividend of manufacturing cost advantage in China, so Nader's products price is very competitive in the market.

Who does buy Nader circuit breakers?

According to the sales data in 2019, 70% of Nader circuit breakers are sold in China. 10% in Asia, including South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. 8% in the United States and Canada. 7% in Europe, including Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. 2.5% Nader circuit breaker in South Africa and surrounding countries. 2% in the Middle East. 0.5% Nader circuit breaker in Australia. In 2020, Nader will further strengthen the development of overseas market.

Where to buy Nader breakers?

It is recommended that you can buy directly from Quisure, who is Nader's strategic partner, authorized to develop overseas market business, through online and offline channels. At present, is also the most effective and guaranteed channel and the only network authorization channel for overseas business, if you by online. 

Others, you can get Nader product manuals and Catalog, Nader circuit breakers specifications, Nader circuit breakers price, Nader product datasheet, Quotation of the best price, quick purchase, or a help of contacting Nader for a factory visit, or fast logistics solutions. Contact Quisure

In addition to the above support, you can also get fair support and authorized distribution, if you are an electrical components & parts retailer or dealers.


Learn More ... Nader's Awards and Events

Social activities || Nader acts as Enterprise Sub-station of post doctoral research station in Sep 2018

Social activities || Nader's Research lab was given as National Enterprise Technology Center in 2016

Social activities || Nader as the Committee Member of Specialty Technical Committee of DC Source System in 2017

Social activities ||Nader crowned as the "High and new technology enterprises" 2017

Social activities || Nader crowned as "Top 100 Enterprises in China Electrical Industry" and "Top 10 Enterprises in Growth Capacity in China Electrical Industry"

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "National Strategic supplier" by JINMAO China

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "2017 Long-term Partner of Award" by Vertiv

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "2017 Quality Collaboration Award" by HUAWEI

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "2017 Supplier of the Year" by HUAWEI

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "2017 Supplier of the Year" by RONSHINE CHINA

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "2016 Supplier of the Year" by GE

Awards & Honors || Nader crowned as the "2016 Best Supply Guarantee by Huawei

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