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Our Mission

Bring China's leading electrical and electric products to world

QUISURE is a manufacturer, wholesaler, but not retailer in electrical fields. is a promoter of China leading manufacturers, but not a real online shopping site. With authorization from China’s leading original manufacturers, QUISURE dedicates to connecting global sourcing professionals and Chinese manufacture licensing products via an online site, to bring China’s best electrical and electric products and manufacturers to the world.

QUISURE’s core employees are from manufacturing enterprises or supply chain enterprises in electrical components & parts industry, and have more than 10 years of work experience. The team under the principles of QUISURE Strict Selection (QSS), only deeply works with the leading manufacturers in each subdivision product fields, to make sure products with the best quality, most competitive cost and most reliable service.

Be your reliable supplier in China

With persistent experience in Industry fields and wide supports from leading local China manufacturers, QUISURE is also able to provide massive of products more beyond the low-voltage fields.

Through low-voltage to high-voltage, from spare parts to Labor protection appliance, QUISURE will be your most reliable partner in China.