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APT - Emergency pushbutton

From: Quisure2019-01-18

As a special function button commonly used in industry, emergency stop button is usually installed in control panel or button box. Its structure mainly includes three parts: actuator, holder and switching elements.

Actuator is used to operate and release components, usually with push rod and spring to achieve action.

The holder is used to fix the actuator and connect the switch elements at the same time.

Switching elements are used to turn on and off signals and realize the function of controlling circuit turn on and off.

The trigger function is that the button sets a trigger position in the process of emergency stop operation.

If the displacement of the actuator does not reach the trigger position point, the push rod will not move, so it will not push the action of the contact bracket. Only when the stroke of the push actuator exceeds the trigger position, the push rod will pop up quickly, thus pushing the contact bracket, making the contact state change and finally lock.

The stroke that can cause the trigger action is called the trigger stroke. The function of trigger is to improve the control accuracy of emergency stop button and prevent misoperation.

For the emergency stop button without triggering function, the actuator and push rod are in synchronous movements.

If unintentionally touched the actuator, may cause contact action, thereby cutting off the operation of the entire equipment.

For the operation process of large industrial equipment with priority of efficiency, misoperation is unacceptable, and trigger function solves this problem well. Because, in the high-end equipment and European and American markets, this emergency stop button is the main development and application direction.

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