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Nader participates in SNEC 2021 International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

From: Quisure2021-07-18

On the morning of June 3, the annual international, professional and large-scale photovoltaic event-SNEC 15th(2021)  International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition was held in Shanghai. More  than 1,400 companies from 95 countries and regions around the world participated in the exhibition. Nader brought  industry-leading smart photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage, and new energy automotive low-voltage electrical  system solutions to the exhibition.

Under the goal of "double carbon", photovoltaic development in China has entered an accelerating period.  Photovoltaic power generation is a new generation technology which converts solar energy into electric energy. In  order to ensure the long-term smooth operation of large-scale ground photovoltaic power plants, operation and  maintenance work has become the top priority of photovoltaic power plants.For different application scenarios, Nader  offers both centralized and series PV solutions to photovoltaic customers.

Nader participates in SNEC 2021 International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

Nader participates in SNEC 2021 International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition

Centralized Photovoltaic Solution - Actively Cut Off The DC Fault Point Within 5ms

The core of the centralized photovoltaic scheme is the centralized photovoltaic grid-connected inverter. The DC  current generated by the photovoltaic module is converted from the centralized inverter to three-phase alternating  current through the DC manifold.

Nader DC disconnector combined with photovoltaic inverter can actively protect and cut off DC fault points    within 5 ms of fault occurrence, effectively and quickly cut off 1.2 times of small current DC fault.

Centralized Photovoltaic Solution

String Photovoltaic Solution - No Arcing During 50kA Short Circuit Breaking

Different from the centralized solution, the string photovoltaic inverter power is relatively small, the inverter is  small in size, the installation is flexible, and the usage scenarios are diversified.

Nader AC circuit breaker products strengthen the arc extinguishing effect of terminal housing, which can    completely eliminate arcing during the breaking process of short-circuit current of up to 50kA, and effectively    reduce the arc fault probability of the box transformer by more than 50%.

String Photovoltaic Solution

Household Optical Storage Solution - Meet UL North American Market Certification

In addition to being renewable and clean, photovoltaic has the characteristics of low energy density, randomness and  fluctuation. With the integration of photovoltaic and energy storage, optical energy storage becomes more and more  important.

For household scenarios, Nader has developed a household optical storage solution, and the DC polarity-free    miniature circuit breaker NDB2NZ-80 meets UL 1077 standard and the rigorous technical standards of the North    American market.

The photovoltaic & energy storage model is not only green and low-carbon, but also realizes the optimal use of  solar energy and helps customers minimize operation and maintenance costs.

Household Optical Storage Solution

Power Storage Solution - Can Withstand 120kA Fault Current of Lithium Battery

The intermittent and instability of new energy power generation requires the support of power regulation. In order  to develop new energy power and meet electricity demand, a large amount of power regulation capacity is required,  which creates a huge power storage market.

In view of the serious short-circuit failure of the energy storage battery, the Nader DC isolating switch achieves  an ultra-high short-term withstand capability of 120kA·200ms, ensuring that the contacts are  stable and safe before the DC fuse operates, and improving the stability of the power system.   

Power Storage Solution

Wind Power System Solution - Meet The Harsh Environmental Requirements at Sea

As a brand-new power generation technology, wind power is recognized as one of the future renewable energy  technologies. High-performance wind power generation systems place extremely high requirements on the quality and  reliability of the components used, and electrical equipment is particularly important.

The Nader offshore professional air circuit breaker meets the stringent environmental testing standards of    NB/T 31094-2016, adapts to extreme environments such as high and low temperature, high humidity, strong vibration,    corrosive gas, etc., and its service life is increased by more than 30%.

Wind Power System Solution

At present, Nader continues to provide mass-customized low-voltage electrical system solutions for global  photovoltaic, wind power, and energy storage customers, and cooperates with Sungrow Power, Huawei, Goldwind, Longi  energy, Tongwei, TBEA, Hewang Electric, etc. The customer has established a long-term strategic partnership.   


Nader has participated in a large number of projects of different specifications and scales in China: Qinghai Golmud  photovoltaic application leader base project, Inner Mongolia Ulanchabu wind power base, Zhuhai Guishan offshore wind  farm demonstration project, etc.


With long-term R&D investment and technological precipitation in the new energy field, Nader will always be  committed to helping photovoltaic, wind power, and energy storage customers achieve commercial value and green  sustainable development, accelerate the intelligent upgrade of the new energy industry, and make breakthroughs with  partners "Zero-carbon" technology, forming a "dual-carbon" ecosystem for the application of  renewable energy systems!

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