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  • ZY2N-JAC6V

AC6V siemens relay Plug-in types reliable relay

Manufacturer P/N: ZY2N-JAC6V


US $3.49 /Piece

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • types:2 contacts standard medium power relay
  • Contact heating current:5A
  • Coil voltage:AC6V
  • Do you need operation/status indicator?:Yes
  • Terminal types:Plug-in types
  • Shell type:Frosted

Product Description

-variety type model and it is more than 300 models.

-Apply in many industries and the contact capacity current from 10mA to 5A.

-Multi installation methods with various sockets for selection.

-LED indicator, green for DC and red for AC.

-It has a large lighting area, which is easy for verifying the lighting status.

-The indicator light and surge suppressor are integrated together.

-Test button function, easy for debugging and maintenance.

- Action Time ≤ 20ms and Release Time ≤ 30ms.

Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 20 PCS.

Delivery is 5 work days.

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