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  • LA39-G11MD/b22

Illuminated mushroom pushbutton mushroom switch Blue large round head switches

Manufacturer P/N: LA39-G11MD/b22


US $5.46 /Piece

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Mushroom pushbutton types:Illuminated mushroom pushbutton
  • Front dimension:23.5mm
  • Switching action:Momentary
  • Head colour:Blue
  • Contacts:1NO+1NC
  • Illuminated voltage:AC/DC12V
  • Mounting diameter:16mm
  • Front bezel material:Plastic
  • Front bezel shape:Circular

Product Description

LA39-G series are the latest products independently developed by us and have independent intellectual properties. This series of products have integrated the advantages of the like products and also made up the disadvantages of other products. It is delicate design, complete specifications, convenient installation, good visual appearance and reliable operation are the biggest advantages of this series of products.

Rated Insulation voltage is AC 250V (50Hz). Conventional thermal current is 5A.

Mechanical Endurance: 10×10ˆ5 times. Maintained pushbutton is 3×10ˆ5 times.

Electrical Endurance: 10×10ˆ5 times (AC-15), 5×10ˆ5 times (DC-13).

Contacts resistance < 50mΩ.




Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 20 PCS.

Delivery is 5 work days.

Siemens APT

Siemens APT

A Leader Brand in the Field of China's Electrical Commponents | Siemens APT

Siemens APT is An Electrical Leading Brand Under Siemens Group, Focus Manufacture of the Electrica Components and Parts. Such As Cam Switch, E-Stop...


  • LA39-G11M/r


    Brand:Siemens APT

    US $4.51 /Piece

    Mushroom pushbutton|23.5mm|Momentary|Red|1NO+1NC|16mm|Plastic|Circular

  • LA39-G22M/r


    Brand:Siemens APT

    US $5.40 /Piece

    Mushroom pushbutton|23.5mm|Momentary|Red|2NO+2NC|16mm|Plastic|Circular

  • LA39-G33M/r


    Brand:Siemens APT

    US $6.29 /Piece

    Mushroom pushbutton|23.5mm|Momentary|Red|3NO+3NC|16mm|Plastic|Circular

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