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Rotary Cam Switches are type of electrical switches operated by rotation, also name changeover switch. Rotary cam switches turn on or off the current circuit by shaft. Which circuits are closed or open through the contacts dependant on the direction of turn. More

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1. What is a Cam Switch?

Cam switches are mainly used within the low voltage range. On a shaft, switching cams are made of abrasion-resistant conductive material. By rotating the shaft, the contacts are opened or closed by the cams. Often, a plurality of cams is seated on a shaft, which simultaneously switch or switch several pairs of contacts. Cam switch manufacture are Cam switch Schneider, Cam switch APT, Cam switch blue, Cam switch Electronics etc.

2. How can I get further technical support for right selection?

The selection of cam switch is complex. In order to ensure that the product you choosing is what you indeed, please send your requirements and contact chart to the mailbox:, and our senior product technical engineers will support you for free and kindly.

3. Can the sample be provided before purchasing the cam switch?

Quisure will provide a certain number of samples for free according to the your contact chart for you to confirm and test.

4. Can you customize the product?

Yes. we can customize according to provide contact diagram or sampe by you. Products can be customized item, includes: mark symbols, your logo, a key that can be used to different brand cam switch.

5. How many days does products to customize?

It will cost 5 work days for symbols and one month for key or lock.