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Combination Display Lights

Combination Display Lights

P/N & Price

Combination Display Lights or Combined indicator lights surface dimension is 30x30mm, applied highly bright square "Super LED" unit improves visibility and safetys, customized display symbols, and fingersafe spring-up terminals reduce wiring time and prevent electrical shocks, max 200 compositions.

Product Description

AD16-30JC series, each LED square size is  30x30mm, there are six illumination face types, including Type F, Type C, Type H, Type L, Type V and Type G.


Feasible combination and windows sizes


Note: windows max 10 rows and 20 columns (200 compositions)

Type of terminal wiring



• The fingersafe, spring-up terminals reduce wiring time.

• The integrated terminal cover and insulated jumpers prevent electic shocks.

• It's so easy to remove or change the light beads from direction of the lampshade surface on the installation panel.

Mounting guide



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