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  • AD16-30JC-0205-AC/DC24V

AC/DC24V combined signal lamp 30×30mm combination signal lamp

Manufacturer P/N: AD16-30JC-0205-AC/DC24V


US $97.41 /Piece

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Unit window sizes:30×30mm
  • Unit window quantity:2(row)×5(list)
  • Rated voltage:AC/DC24V

Product Description

1. The combined indicator can provide single-light with 5 windows: F, H, L, V and G. The customers can combine them according to their own requirements. Type F: 30x30mm; Type H: 30x60mm; Type L: 30X90mm; Type V: 60x30mm; Type G: 60x60mm.

2. The overall appearance of the combined indicator is steady and grand with the transparent and uniform light color. The black frames between the single lights are well distinguished.

3. The combined indicator can be combined into a large-sized combined indicator with a maximum quantity of cells as 10x20 according to the demands of customers, and the lampshade can be selected with the colored background and white background.

4. The base of the combined indicator have a large hole area for the heat radiation window, and they can be thoroughly penetrated both horizontally and vertically after the combination in order to ensure the reliable heat radiation of the combined indicator.

5. The combined indicator can be installed conveniently and easily. The light beads can be removed or changed in the direction of the lampshade surface on the installation panel only by disconnecting the power supply.

6. The electrical contact is the plug-in type and the terminals are protected by the terminal covers. The mechanical structure is reinforced by the metal-enclosed mounting plate to ensure its safety and reliability.

7. The light source of combined indicator is high-bright LED luminescent diode with a variety of colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, white and two-color, and is displayed in the colored or white background.

8. The lampshade of the combined indicator is square and the lampshade is connected with the enclosure in a normal way (demountable).

9. The single-light lighting type of the combined indicator includes continuous and flashes.

10. The rated voltage includes: AC/DC24V, AC/DC48V, AC/DC110V, AC220V, DC220V and AC380V.





Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 1 PCS.

Delivery is 8 work days.

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