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  • TL-90LL/BW/r26D-X
  • TL-90LL/BW/r26D-X

AC/DC110V tower lights Red siemens tower lamp

Manufacturer P/N: TL-90LL/BW/r26D-X


  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Optical elements-tier :1
  • Shell diameter:90mm
  • Light elements: LED Permanent light
  • Optical elements:Red
  • Voltage:AC/DC110V
  • Types of the audible signal element:Siren
  • Mounting option:Fastener with one screw

Product Description

-The performance characteristics of TL-90 are as follows;

-Protection class: single light or alarm buzzer-optical combination(IP65), continuous/intermittent buzzer-optical combination(IP40).

-Glowing forms include permanent, flashing, rotating.

-The lampshade is made of panlite, which is heat-resisting and anti-knock Volume: -Alarm > 110dB, continuous/intermittent sound > 90dB (10cm from the sound source in the horizontal direction)

Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 1 PC.

Delivery is 5 work days.

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