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  • LW39-63DM-X-3/5rr28Ak
  • LW39-63DM-X-3/5rr28Ak

Panel mounting with indicator reliable cam switch 5Pole industrial control switches

Manufacturer P/N: LW39-63DM-X-3/5rr28Ak


US $67.58 /Piece

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Types:Panel mounting with indicator
  • Handle types:Ak
  • Positions:Maintained
  • Spring return option:30°
  • Indicator voltage:DC220V
  • Indicator colour:Red|Red
  • Pole:5Pole

Product Description

LW39-63 cam switch that rated thermal current is 63A. It is applicable to the connection, breaking and changeover of the circuits with higher capacity, the startup, acceleration, control and stop of single motor, the changeover of electrical control of the large capacity control circuit, as well as the remote control of power distribution equipment etc. The external wiring method is easy for use.

-Operating angle: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°

-The maximum number of contact poles: 8

-A variety of special product models are provided pertinent to the operation fields of the motors.

Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 5 PCS.

Delivery is 5 work days.

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