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  • LW39-16B-9/4Bk
  • LW39-16B-9/4Bk

Bk reliable cam switch Panel mounting control switch

Manufacturer P/N: LW39-16B-9/4Bk


US $15.37 /Piece

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Types:Panel mounting
  • Handle types:Bk
  • Positions:Maintained
  • Spring return option:90°
  • Pole:4Pole

Product Description

LW39-16 cam switch have tiny visual appearance, look good and fresh with reliable structure. The Rated thermal current is 16A, with the international popular built-in wiring is safety and reliable.

-Operation angle: 30°,  45° , 60° , 90°

-The maximum number of contact poles: 12, less than 8 poles is better

Note: if the working condition is under 100mA when 24V, please remark in the purchase order. The contactor will be gold-plating.

Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 5 PCS.

Delivery is 5 work days.

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