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  • ALH-0.6630II75/10.5R0.2VA1T

30x20mm current transformer II horizontal bus bar type mutual inductors

Manufacturer P/N: ALH-0.6630II75/10.5R0.2VA1T


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Quick Details
  • Current transformer types:II horizontal bus bar type
  • Bus bar types:30x20mm
  • Primary rated current:75A
  • Secondary rated current:1A
  • Accuracy class:0.5
  • Rated capacity:0.2VA

Product Description

The material of ALH-0.66 II type current transformer housing is made of high-strength PC in fully enclosed structure. It has rectangle perforation with one coil of core-through and mainly used for bus (also available for cable). It can penetrate 6 buses in maximum. It is normally used for control, protection and measurement. P1 and P2 refer to the primary polarity end; S1 and S2 refer to the secondary polarity end. P1, S1 and P2, S2 are dotted terminals (subtractive polarity). Power frequency withstand voltage is 3000V 1min when 50Hz (between the housing and the secondary coil). Insulation class is E.

Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 2 PCS.

Delivery is 5 work days.

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