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Stack Lights

Stack Lights

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Stack Lights or Tower Lights are commonly used on equipment in industrial manufacturing and process control environments to provide visual and audible indicators of a machine state or process event to machine operators. Also name warning lights, signal tower lights.

Product Description

Signal elements diameter: 55mm

TL-50 Series  TL-501 Series

• Modern slimline design

• Pre-assembled LED signal tower

• Volume of buzzer > 90dB 

• Life up to 50,000 hrs

• Up to five optical elements and one audible element

• M12 connector or cable version available

• IP 65 rating


Products type

TypeBuzzer soundRated voltage

Optical elements

LED lightingIntermittent  Continuous12V AC/DC   24V AC/DC   110V AC/DC   220V ACRed  Yellow  Green  Blue  White
LED flashing
Intermittent  Continuous12V AC/DC   24V AC/DC   110V AC/DC   220V ACRed  Yellow  Green  Blue  White

Pedestal typeG-type
Image gallerysignal-tower-lamp/apt/tl-50llsignal-tower-lamp/apt/tl-50llsignal-tower-lamp/apt/tl-50ll*Csignal-tower-lamp/apt/tl-50llsignal-tower-lamp/apt/tl-50llc*C2signal-tower-lamp/apt/tl50llcsignal-tower-lamp/apt/TL-501LLC*ZC

Go download center and get tl-50 and tl-501 prodcuts datasheet

What is the difference between TL-50 series and TL-501 series?

The difference is the length of the signal elements. As shown in the drawing below, tl-50 is 70mm, and tl-501 is 36mm. 


How to wiring and connect the warning lights?

Wiring diagram


Signal elements diameter: 70mm

TL-70 Series  TL-701 Series  TL-702 Series  TL-703 Series

• Signal elements in every common voltage: 24V AC/DC  110V AC  220V AC

• Modular system allows combination as required

• Life up to 50,000 hrs

• IP 65 rating

• Widely used in the mechanical engineering industry

• Diverse and flexible installation type


Products type

Product seriesTL-70TL-701TL-702TL-703
Image gallerysignal-tower-lamp/apt/TL-70signal-tower-lamp/apt/TL-701signal-tower-lamp/apt/TL-702signal-tower-lamp/apt/TL-703
DescriptionModular signal towerPre-assembledPre-assembledModular signal tower
 > 100dB  --  > 90dB  > 90dB 

Go download center and get tl-70, tl-701, tl-702, tl-703 prodcuts datasheet

Signal elements diameter: 90mm

TL-90 Series

• Volume of buzzer > 110dB and continuous/intermittent sound > 90dB  

• Life up to 50,000 hrs

• Protection IP65 (single light or alarm acousto-optical combination),

   IP40 (continuous/intermittent acousto-optical combination)

• Diverse and flexible installation type


Image galleryLight typeRate voltageOptical elements
signal-tower-lamp/apt/TL-90Lighting  Flashing  Rotating24V AC/DC  110V AC  220VACRed  Yellow  Green  Blue  White

Go download center and get tl-90 prodcuts datasheet

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