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  • NDW2-1600/1000A/3/KY-TH

1000A, AC 440V / 480V, 65kA, NDW2-1600/1000A/3/KY-TH, intelligent air circuit breaker acb

Manufacturer P/N: NDW2-1600/1000A/3/KY-TH

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Types:NDW2-1600 series
  • Rated operational voltage Ue:AC 440V / 480V
  • Installation structure:Fixed type
  • Rated current:1000A
  • Number of poles:3 Poles
  • Breaking capacity :65kA
  • Controller types:LCD display
  • Thermal-humidity type (TH):TH type

Product Overview

Number of poles3, 43, 43, 43, 43, 4
Rated current In 40℃200A~


North pole rated current100%In100%In100%In100%In50%In
Rated operational voltage UeAC690VAC690VAC690VAC1000VAC690V

Rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity 

Icu (AC415V)


Rated operating short-circuit breaking capacity Ics (AC415V)


Rated short time withstand current 

Icw (AC415V) 1s


Excluding controller

KM controller
KY controller--
InstallationFixed type--
Drawout type
Special application Wind power, low-temperature circuit breakers----
Thermal-humidi ty type circuit breaker

Note: ●represents optional, -- represents not optional.

Field of Application

NDW2 series of universal circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) can be applied to the distribution network with AC of 50 Hz / 

60 Hz, rated current of 200 A ~ 6300 A, rated insulation voltage of 1000 V, rated operational voltage of AC220V / 230 V / 240 V, AC380V / 400 V / 

415 V, AC440V / 480 V, AC660V / 690 V, AC1000V for distribution of electrical energy and protecting circuit and power equipment from overload, 

under-voltage, short circuit, single phase grounding and harm of other faults, and can also be used as isolation switch at the same time. The circuit 

breaker has multiple protection functions. It can avoid unnecessary sudden power failure while realizing highly accurate selective protection, and 

improve the reliability and security of the power supply system. 

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