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Exhaust fan

Exhaust fan

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Industrial exhaust fans has the characteristics of super large air duct, super large fan blade diameter, super large exhaust volume, super low energy consumption, low speed, low noise.

Industrial Exhaust Fan

Quisure industrial exhaust fan is really an Axial type Fan, independent PCB circuit design, and use Japanese NSK bearing, original plastic, with low noise, wear and tear, environmental protectiontand.

Main features

  • Explosion-proof, the motor is sealed by a thermosetting plastic grease, the motor winding and the PCB with the electronic part is isolated from the environment.

  • Locked and Auto-start (LP), when the fan blade is blocked at the rated voltage, the motor actively reduces the current close to zero and reduces the power to protect the fan motor from burning out because of the large blocked current. Once the lock is released, the fan will automatically start normal operation according to the setup program.

  • Soft-Start  (SS), when the fan starts, the current or power increases gradually from zero to the rated value according to the setting procedure, and the fan completes the starting process. During start-up, the speed of start-up current growth is limited, and the motor is protected from damage caused by excessive start-up current. At the same time, the power supplier for the motor is protected from the large starting surge current, and the power supply system which provides power to the fan is protected.

  • Max grade can meet IP68, IP grade IEC144 (BS5420).

  • Various appearance, current and voltage specifications, Can be customized according to clients requirements.

DC Series

Sizes (L*W*H mm): 25×25×10, 30×30×10, 35×35×10, 40×40×10, 40×40×20, 50×50×10, 50×50×15, 60×60×15, 60×60×20, 60×60×25, 70×70×15, 80×80×25, 80×80×38, 92×92×25, 92×92×38, 120×120×38, 172×172×25, 172×172×51, ......

AC Series

Sizes (L*W*H mm): 80×80×25, 92×92×25, 120×120×38, 110×110×25, 120×120×25, 150×150×50, ......

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