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About Quisure

Connecting China with the World's Buyers. is an online marketplace dedicated to connecting global sourcing professionals and Chinese company licensing products. A gateway for maximizing business opportunities, our platform is focus on the industry electrical apparatus. And offers a wide selection of authentic, high-quality Chinese products at competitive prices and delivers them in a speedy and dependable manner.

Adhering to the same core values of authenticity and reliability that define the business experience at, aims to provide buyers around the world with an innovative and robust ecommerce platform through close cooperation with domestic suppliers in China.

We are a expert partner and supplier to major corporations in the fields of transportation,automotive ,merchinery ,LV or MV power distribution switchgear system,industrial building,data center,commercial building,public building,charging facility,lift or elevator ,packaging and printing ,industrial control ,compressor,shipping,robot, consumer electronics, aviation, shipbuilding, telecommunications, audiovisual industry, medical technology, energy technology, automation technology, building infrastructure technology, and in the areas of lifting and moving, as well as in many other markets which an expert partner and supplier in LV ACB ,MCB,MCCB, ATS,QS,pubutton,switch,indicator,cam switch, rotary switch,current-transformer and so on control components .

Our products and services range all over the word more than 40 countries,like Canada,USA,Argentina,México,Brazil,Australia,New Zealand,Singapor,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines,Thailand,Vietnam,India,Pakistan,China,South Korea,Janpan,Iran,U.A.E,Saudi Arabia,Germany,Russia,Italy,Spain,France,Poland,Hungary,England.

As a customer-driven company, has focused considerable effort in developing a robust and scalable platform which not only supports the company' s rapid growth but also allows it to provide technology and services to its partners and customer.