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  • LW39-R-02LY/f-2QD1J-TK


US $45.46 /Piece

  • Product Description
Quick Details
  • Types:Inner hexagonal keylock switch
  • Feild of use:Train carriage
  • Gear position:2 position
  • Switching action:2 position return center from left
  • Lock pillar shape:Inner six angle
  • Depth of lockhole and thickness of mounting panel:2.3mm, 3~6mm
  • Front bezel engraved symbol:Arrow symbol
  • Front bezel edges chamfer :27 degrees
  • Contacts:2NC

Product Description

LA39-R series


LA39-R series triangular and quadrangular key buttons are the high quality key switches developed by our company special for rail transportation. The switch head and key turning part are completely made of stainless steel with good visual appearance, solid and durable. The holder part of the switch is fastened by the inclined screws special for TK series with very high vibration resistance performance. These series of products have been used in many railways.

Head Protection Class: IP65 for positioning type and IP54 for spring-return type.




Packaging & Delivery

Standard packing quantity: 8 PCS.

Delivery is 5 work days.

Products installing size









Siemens APT Profiles

Siemens APT is the leading brand in the field of China's electrical components & parts.


  • LW39-R-10JY/-2SA-TK



    US $27.44 /Piece

    triangle keylock switch|Train carriage|2 position|2 position maintained|Triangular cone|2.3mm, 1~3mm|Unsigned|27 degrees|1NO

  • LW39-R-01JY/-R2SA-TK



    US $27.44 /Piece

    triangle keylock switch|Train carriage|2 position|2 position maintained|Triangular cone|2.3mm, 1~3mm|Unsigned|R angle|1NC

  • LW39-R-11JY/-2SA1J-TK



    US $27.44 /Piece

    triangle keylock switch|Train carriage|2 position|2 position maintained|Triangular cone|2.3mm, 1~3mm|Arrow symbol|27 degrees|1NO+1NC

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