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APT is the leading brand in the field of China's electrical components & parts, and one of the industrial standard drafting units of China's push button switch and indicator light.

And now, APT belongs to SIEMENS, so it's called Siemens apt.

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In August 2008, APT was merged into Siemens group. As a Siemens company, Siemens APT maintains independent brand operation and sales system.

Under the quality management of Siemens quality system, SIEMENS APT continues to enhance the original product line, such as the push button switch, indicator light, tower lamp, relay, electrical control enclosure, cam switch, limit switch and current transformer, and make it much more professional.

SIEMENS APT  as a professional manufacturer and supplier maintains the industry leadership in low voltage electrical components and parts fields, to provide better products and solutions to China and global markets.

After more than 20 years of promotion and application of SIEMENS APT products, it is now widely service in electric power, machinery, iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, transportation, water treatment, food, packaging, textiles, ports, construction and other dozens of industries.

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And it has been used in Qinshan nuclear power station, Sanxia hydropower station, the railway locomotives, Shenzhou 5 spaceship, Beijing capital airport, Shanghai Pudong international airport, the National Stadium, Shanghai Expo Garden, the Chinese Renaissance high-speed locomotive and other national key projects.

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Siemens APT products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, African and southeast Asia to serve for more and  countries.

Awards and Events

Launched the new product relay of closer machine equipment market -July 2019

APT merged into Siemens 10th anniversary celebration successfully held in China-Sep. 2018

Awards & Honors || APT was honored with the award “Top Ten Most Influential Engineering Projects of the Year”- April 2017

In April 2016, APT LA39 series won the “Users trust products”-April 2016

Awards & Honors || APT Won the prize of “ 2016 Annual Service Innovation”- FEB   2016

Awards & Honors || APT   LA39 series won the “Users trust products”- APR 2016Awards & Honors || APT won   the prize of “Development Innovation” - MAY 2015

Awards & Honors || APT won   the prize of “Potential Development Company” - MAR 2015

Awards & Honors || APT Won   the prize of “ 2013 Annual Service Innovation” - APR 2014

Awards & Honors || APT won   the prize of “Year Team of Chinese Automation Field 2013” - APR 2014

Awards & Honors || APT won   the prize of “Famous Brand of Electrical Parts” - DEC 2014

wards & Honors || APT was   awarded The Prize of“Business Model   Innovation” - JAN 2013.

ALS series Limit Switch was Launched - April 2013

APT was awarded The Prize of“2011 Marketing Innovation”by Chinese Association of Automation - February 2012 

The first Supplier Conference was held in new factory - April 2011

Launched new product PB1 mantel series push button switchApril 2010

Introduced Siemens Compliance Policy and Risk Assessment into siemens APT business  - March 2009

APT Merged Into Siemens,  APT hold hands with Siemens a make 160 year history's company